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The Mind

The human mind behaves as if it had two parts. A Thinker. A Prover.

The Thinker can think about virtually anything. It can think the Earth is flat, round, elliptical, triangular. It can think itself into a Christian view of the world, a Marxist view, a Feminist view, a Buddhist view, a Scientific view; the Thinker can even (this has been proven over and over) think itself sick, and can think itself well again.

The Prover is a much simpler mechanism. It has one Law: Whatever the Thinker thinks, The Prover proves. If the Thinker thinks all Jews are rich, the Prover will prove it. If you showed it a homeless Jew, It will find or rearrange evidence to prove that person has hidden money somewhere; is just pretending to be poor; has so much money that he doesn’t need to work, and instead lays on the streets taking more money from people out of sheer greed. Take another example: if the Thinker thinks G_d loves him, everything ‘good’ that happens will be interpreted as an individualized effort of G_d’s will on his behalf; he will see G_d in a tortilla; or if something bad happens, he will think the Devil had something to do with it. After all, isn’t it always the Devil’s fault?

When the Thinker thinks something, the Prover will organize and arrange all perceptions to fit that thought. So we can see this easily enough in others, yes? But your mind works in exactly the same way, can you admit that to yourself. It’s difficult for us to swallow, especially because we are so “objective” right?

Nevertheless, truth escapes us.
There is a Mexican saying: In life there are three truths—yours, mine, and the Truth.”
–Inspired by Robert Anton Wilson