Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 8 Paths to Developing Consciousness, trans. by Alfredo A. Lopez

  1. Right Vision: Things are what they are, not what you believe they are. As you observe, let your vision unfold.
  2. Right Speech: Ideas have no owner. Nothing belongs to any “I.” Everything is from cosmic consciousness. Do not speak to exist
  3. Right Discipline: Do not live in the past, do not deceive yourself with a future. Work in the present to be what you are being now
  4. Right Intention: Awaken your sublime feelings, intellectual liberty, emotional compassion, sexual felicity, and bodily peace
  5. Right Life Means: Work without exploiting and enslaving. In whom or what you reap, will sow
  6. Right Effort: Nothing for you, that is not also for others. Rest not until all living beings reach Consciousness
  7. Right Attention: In multiplicity, find unity. Accept the constant change of the outside world, and of your own mind
  8. Right Meditation: What you are being, has no owner. Lose what you are not, what you do not own, what you do not desire, what you do not need